The events…

Becoming an author might be a dream job, but like any job, there’s a lot of hard work involved. Writing a book is only the beginning – luckily, we know what comes next!

Having worked as editors in the past and authors in the present, we have an all-round understanding of the process from both sides of the desk and have developed three different types of sessions to help other writers navigate their way through the process. Our aim is to show you how to keep your head in the often confusing world of publishing, and be the kind of smart, knowledgeable, self-starting author that publishers’ dreams and long careers are made of …

Our three sessions are described below. If you are interested, there are three options:

  1. If you are an author, book yourself in to one of our upcoming public events!
  2. If you are a publisher, contact us to arrange events with your authors. Our fees are £700 for half a day (one session), and £1200 for a full day (two sessions).
  3. If you are a writing group, a festival or an organisation, contact us to book a session. Our guideline fees are as above, though we will discuss options based on your budget.

EDITING (2 hours)

You’ve created a world, and characters, and a story. But how do you know what’s working and what isn’t? How can you make your story better on your own, and, once you get up the courage to send it to agents and editors, what is it really like to work with other people on your beloved book?

In this session we’ll discuss how to self-edit.  Using all sorts of stories as a starting point, we’ll discuss how to question the presentation of different elements of storytelling and share plenty of useful self-editing methods for you to take away and apply to your own writing. We’ll also discuss the editorial process, and what you need to know at every stage of it.

  • Planning: our tips on how to create a world and fill it with (almost) real people.
  • Self-editing: how to be cruel to your story (in all the right ways).
  • First lines: why they matter, and how to make yours better.
  • Sharing your story: the elevator pitch, the synopsis and how to hook an agent.
  • The editorial process: how to get on with agents and editors, even when you don’t agree.

This session is mostly focused on authors who are seeking representation, but can be helpful to authors at any stage of the process.

SUB TO PUB (2 hours)

You’ve got an agent. You’ve got a book deal! But … what can you really expect when you’re expecting a novel?

In this session we’ll explain what you should be doing in the months between signing your contract and seeing the book hits shelves, as well as what your publisher and your agent are doing, and how you can all work together for very best results. We’ll aim to demystify strange publisher terminology, and teach you to be the most clued-up and on-the-ball debut author you can possibly be.

  • Being On Submission: the trials and tribulations.
  • You and Your Contract: what those words actually mean (including: rights, subrights, royalties, high discounts and territories).
  • Advances: Please Don’t Spend All Of That Money Yet!
  • Sub to Pub: a year-long timeline (and a handy publishing primer).
  • Explaining the market: so, you think you’re going to be a best-seller?

This session is primarily aimed at authors who have just gained representation with an agent, or authors on the path to publication – but anyone is welcome.


The dream has come true. You’re a published author!

But what happens after the happily ever after? How do you survive post-publication day? How do you keep up momentum for your second (and third, and fourth) books? And how, in a world where author incomes are shrinking, do you keep paying the rent?

Today’s authors don’t just need to be good with words – they need to be event planners, public speakers, marketers and sales people. These are all skills that you need to learn – and we’re here to help teach you.

In this session we’ll aim to explain all the different parts of an author’s day job, and help you navigate every pitfall you may face, from 300 twelve year olds in an auditorium to one bad Goodreads review. We’ll help you become the kind of confident, prepared and clued-up author you need to be to survive the world of children’s books and emerge triumphant with that coveted second (and even third!) book deal.

  • The launch and beyond: how to prepare yourself for publication, and what happens next.
  • Selling yourself: how to help your book swim, not sink.
  • Making money: we talk advances, finances and taxes.
  • The bad and the ugly: how to cope with inevitable disappointment.
  • Keeping up momentum: turning your book deal into a career.

This event is aimed at helping authors who have a contract with publishers, whether they are already published or on the journey to publication.